Palliative care documentary and Q&A in Shepparton

A special screening and Q&A for the documentary Live the Life You Please will be held at Shepparton Village Cinemas on May 23.

The documentary will explore all the aspects of palliative care, including aged care, home care and the last chapter of life, to stimulate positive social change around end-of-life care. Filled with stories from across Australia, the documentary will premiere at the start of Palliative Care Week on May 22, with Q&A events happening across the country.

The panel will be run by Hume Health Services executive director Andrew Freeman, alongside palliative care clinical nurse consultant Annette Cudmore, GV Hospice clinical manager and quality co-ordinator Annie Jorgensen and nurses Rachel O’Dwyer and Mario Reijnen.

The documentary’s director, Mike Hill, said he was happy a Q&A was being held in Shepparton.

“We know that when we look at people getting health services they need towards the end of their life, certainly regional communities like Shepparton are behind the capital cities and that’s part of the reason we’re making this film, so that we can help close this gap,” he said.

“I’d encourage everyone to get along [to a screening] because I think that it has the potential to really help alleviate some of the fears we have when we think about the end of life.”

The Shepparton Q&A and screening will take place on Wednesday, May 23, with tickets costing $25 at Village Cinemas. The standard screening will take place on June 4, with tickets at $22.